As a place where rapid modernization and industrialization meets the culture, Japan continues to attract a lot of visitors especially young students who are trying to learn from the Cherry Blossom nation- and with this, Prasetiya Mulya’s Entrepreneurship Development Center has collaborated with Birlan Educational Journey to create Entrepreneurial Trip to Japan.

This trip consists of 5 main programs starting with campus visit in which students are going to attend class lectures at Keio University in Tokyo, listed as the best business school in Japan and the top 25 campus in Asia. The class will cover the topic of  ‘Creating Demand and Development and Creative Disruption in Business’. There will be a final presentation session and the top 20% best students will get a recommendation letter from the assigned professor. This class is specially designed so that students can learn how the Japan managed to sell their signature goods and services in the global market.

The next agenda on this trip is company visit where students will visit Canon Inc-  the biggest camera company in the world who’s able to penetrate the global market and gained many loyal customers until now. Students will directly get teachings from Canon to explain about their branding and product development. Here, students are encouraged to ask any questions about Canon.

The third program is diplomatic visit and networking in which the program will invite Indonesian diasporas who have gained success in Japan to share one or two things about their businesses. During the lunch session, students will widen their knowledge and network as they have lunch with members of the PPI Kanto who will share their student life in Japan and several tips and tricks on how to get scholarships. In this program, we will also visit KBRI Tokyo to listen to explanations about Indonesia’s and Japan’s export-import commodity, the relationship between the two countries, and both country’s economy. This specific program is designed to prepare students if in the future they will go to Japan whether be it for studying purposes or for business expansion purposes.

Last but not least is the Culture and Leisure program. This program is fully supported as the program will be on May during the Sakura season. In this program, students will go through picnic in Shinjuku Gyoen, one of Tokyo’s finest garden. Students will also visit Shibazakura Festival, the largest Sakura festival in Kanto region where students could enjoy a leisure panorama view of Mount Fuji, along with the Sakura and the local cuisines served in the festival. Next, students will visit Gotemba Premium Outlet that sold premium high-end brands with a relatively cheap price that if students decided to sell in Jakarta, they would result in a lot of margin.

Overall, this trip will cost Rp. 26,500,000 including plane tickets, hotel, program fee, breakfast, 4 lunch, and all ticket attractions. This fee could be paid in installments for 3/6/12 months. But it is definitely worth it because you don’t only get 1 but 6 international certificates.

So what are you waiting for? It’s just one click away from registering yourself to be a part of this amazing journey.


For further information, please contact:

Difa Sabila (0878 2320 1843, line: difasabilazka)

Ghazi Birlan (0811 1711 212, line: ghazibirlan)


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