Hello! We’re giving you the chance to show your masterpiece through Horizon Magazine! It can be your own article, artwork, photo, or video.

Get a chance to win “Up to 50% discount” of Horizon Magazine’s merchandises for 4 best participants!

The criteria for article submission are:

  1. Article about Lifestyle, Interest, Random Thoughts, or Other Opinion EXCEPT Fairytale Story.
  2. Contains maximum 150 words count for the article.
  3. NO SARA/Political Issues

The criteria for photos and Artworks are:

  1. Captured or scanned with maximum size 14.6 x 22 cm/30 ppi with digital scan. (Digital artworks also could be submitted)
  2. NO SARA/Political

The criteria for videos:

  1. 1080p uploaded to Youtube with maximum duration of 20 minutes
  2. Submit the link to us

You can submit a maximum of 3 articles, 3 photos, 3 artworks, or 3 videos

How to submit?

  1. Open www.inthehorizon.co
  2. Go to submission rubric
  3. Post your photo/artwork/article/video link through there

Deadline for submission: 16th April 2017.

You’re still allowed to submit after the deadline to be published on our website or other next Issue!


Be the first to contribute your creativity on horizon magazine to get published on our NEXT ISSUE!

Good Luck!

For further information: line: @horizonmagazine (with @).