An English proverb once said, ” a joy that’s shared is a joy made doubled.” As a human being we all rely on each other’s compassion to make a living and once we’ve made, we share it. What’s so special about sharing what we have with others is not only that you can see the smiling faces drawn within the ones you’ve shared with, but it also the tranquil serenity of the soul that you feel once you saw these smiling faces you’ve created.

On June 13, ALPHA Team which is Prasmulyan 16 Committee has launched a project in whose tagline is “Dari Prasmul untuk Cisauk”. In this event, the Alpha Team arrived at Cisauk at 4.30 pm and from there, they give out free takjil to pedestrians, people in their cars, motorcycles, public transportations, and everyone other passing by the streets.

The takjil consists of Kolak, Gorengan, Kiyora, and Mineral Water. Alongside the takjil, there was also flyers with the writing happy break fasting that were given out to people.

To attract attention, the team uses loudspeakers so that people know that they are sharing takjil for free with the locals. This event grew on so many meanings not only that it’s a sharing event from Prasetiya Mulya students however the fact that it was conducted during the Holy Month of Ramadhan just speaks out even more.


Words By: Clara Rahardja