The figure represents the number of days of the Covid-19 Virus since the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed its first cases in Wuhan, China. Since then, the world seems to have been dark and gloomy and bring desperation in its people. We are encouraged by the government to perform social distancing and minimize social interaction with those outside of our household to prevent the virus from spreading even more. However, in the next few days, some areas, venues, and activities are being planned to resume, meaning that people are legally and safely allowed to go outside, and marks the end of the virus.


  • Mall Reopenings

Anies Baswedan, The Governor of Jakarta, stated that the act of social distancing aimed to end around early June, and malls around Jakarta will start to re-open. He stated that he is still waiting for confirmation from the government relating to this matter. 

Keeping this in mind, some countries, including Indonesia, plan to open some areas of the city with the purpose to revitalize the economy. If the proposal is accepted and recognized by the government, shops and businesses might operate again. There will also be regulations and laws regarding how the people should act and behave, taking into consideration that it is still quite new. The following are samples of malls in Indonesia and its date for their reopening: The Grand Indonesia Mall (GI Mall) on 8 June, Plaza Indonesia (PI Mall), Central Park, and Pondok Indah Mall, all on the 5 June 2020.


  • Continuation in Sports 

Sport activities are also being planned to resume, with their own SOP regarding the safety of the athletes and also the fans. Some sports have already continued, but are only being allowed in some countries. The Bundesliga, the German Football League, continued their season around a week ago, on the 16th May. The competition takes place, and obviously with a set of rules to consider the safety of the players. The match took place in their respective stadiums, without any fans. Also, another rule is that players are not allowed to hug or make contact with another outside of the play. Players on the bench have their own respective seats, and have a few feet of distance between one another whilst also wearing a mask. The balls that are used to play are constantly disinfectant to minimize the virus from spreading.


  • Education Possibilities

At this moment in time, many schools and universities are applying their curriculum through online classes. The most famous and most-used platforms to do this is Zoom and Google Meets. In terms of the world of education however, we have to question how teaching, or education is going to be delivered after this pandemic season. From this pandemic, students, teachers, parents, lecturers, and many more stakeholders, will surely implement some of the learning techniques into their teachings. We may experience a different way of learning when this season is over, and we go back to offline learning.


  • Company Policies

Very similar to students, many employees are being forced to work from home during this pandemic season. However, many companies do plan to end this method, and go back to the way it was. Although the date and policy of each company differ, the majority are planning to operate back to the way it was around June to August. The basic safety precautions regarding the virus will be implemented however, such as maintaining distance between employees, wear masks, hand sanitizer stations, and many more. 


From these two aspects, it seems like the end of this dark chapter in our lives, and things may go back to the way it was. However, although these upbringings certainly bring light and hope to its people, we have to question whether it is the right thing to do. With the constant increase of the number of positive patients in Indonesia (currently around 20,000), and also the world (estimated around 5,100,000). Why end the act of social distancing, when the statistics and reports say otherwise? Will this act of “hope” and “needs” of the people be justified, or will it backfire? Only time will tell…


Written by: Mikhail Burman