Do you like golds? Of course you do. Its beauty and its value is enough to make even the strongest man in the world to his knees. Then, what if you can have everything that you touch turns into a shiny gold? Would you rejoice from your gift? Most people will squeal with happiness because now they can get the finest thing in the world without even doing anything. Imagine… No more studying nor working yet you can be surrounded in the world’s greatest luxury.

Today, I want to tell you a story. A story about a king that is blinded with the luxury that the world offers. Let’s see whether you can say the same thing after you hear the story. Now, I present to you the story of King Midas and his touch of gold.

King Midas is a king of a great fortune that ruled a country called Phrygia in Asia Minor. King Midas lived a comfortable and luxurious life. He was very rich so he spent all his days spoiling himself and his beloved daughter with feasts and golds. Even though he has an enormous amount of wealth, King Midas’ world circles around his golds. For him, his wealth is the most important thing in the world.

One day, fate made Midas and Dionysius crossed paths. Dionysius’ companion, a satyr named Silenus, was found dozing in Midas’ rose garden fully drunk. So, knowing the fact that the satyr was the god’s companion, Midas took the satyr in and nursed him in his palace for a few days.

For this act, Dionysus’ promised Midas that he would grant any wish of his. Without too much thought, Midas excitedly said “I hope that everything I touch becomes gold.” Having promised to grant Midas’ wish, Dionysius helplessly promised the king that the following day he will wake up with power to turn everything he touches turns into gold.

The next day, Midas was so eager to try out his new power. With caution, he reached out to the wall near his bedside. When his fingertips touched the wall, the wall immediately turned into pure gold. Midas was so happy and excited with his power that he ran straight outside of his room and touched everything that his eyes could see. All his things now took on a lustrous sheen.

It didn’t take a long time to have the palace heaved with gold. Tired from his adventure, Midas decided to take a break by satisfying his hunger. Midas picked up a bunch of grapes from his new gold fruit bowl. Midas roared in pain when he nearly shattered his teeth when the grapes touched his lip. No wonder his teeth nearly shattered, the grapes turned into golds!

Midas cried out his frustration. His daughter who heard her whining father entered his room to check on her beloved father. Midas, who forgot about his condition, went straight forward to hug his daughter without knowingly that his act would turn her daughter into a gold statue.

Now, He has had enough with his new power so he begged Dionysius to get rid of his power. The god felt sorry for him and told him to wash his hand in the river Pactolus. Midas went straight to the river and dipped his hands in the water. The gold drained from his fingertips and when he returned home, everything he touched become normal again.

Midas hugged her daughter with happy tears falling in his face. He finally realized what was really important for him. Not gold, not jewel, but his daughter. He decided to share his fortune with his people who suffered from famine. He became a better person and until his last breath, people remembered him as a wise and generous king.

So, what do you think of this story? Midas was so focused on his greed and his story told us what will really happen when true happiness is not recognized. A lot of millennials worked really hard, with hope that they’ll be happy in the future when they succeed. They see money as the most important thing and tend to forget to live in the present. At the end, regret is the only thing left for them as they don’t lead a happy and meaningful life. Midas’ story captured perfectly the consequences of being a slave of our own desire.

Helen Keller once said, “The best and most beautiful thing in the world cannot be seen or even be touched. They must be felt with the heart”. So from this day on, break free from the materialistic chain. Start seeing things more than just its material value. With that, expect a peaceful and meaningful life ahead of you. 


Sources: greeka
Header Credit: Pinterest
Words by: Shafira Arifin