Pre Event Pop Up Market 2018 x Tokopedia : Pop Up Soiree


Inspired by “The Factory” theme by Andy Warhol, Pop Up Market 2018 has just finished off their Pre Event that was held at Plaza Indonesia on February 24th. This pre-event is officially marking the start of events ahead that will be held by Pop Up Market 2018. Exclusive only for invitees including tenants, sponsors, media partners, buzzers, and other official partners, this pre-event has brought a great impression from the attendants.


The event consisted of 4 main parts in which the attendants can get a glimpse of the image of what will be going on at Pop Up Market 2018’s The Factory. The pre-event started with a brief press conference held by several media partners, tenants, and sponsor’s representatives and then continued with Pop Up Talks.


Giving out a lot of special and important tips for business owners and guests, the Pop Up Talks was started by Ari Juliano Gema from Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia, Agus Chandra Suratmaja, a lawyer and Hargi Nurcahyo talking about the importance of Brand Protection for Creative Industry in Indonesia as an important task for a new brand to do.


Another session of Pop Up Talks was led by no other than Pop Up Market 2018’s Partner, Tokopedia. Bringing in their Business Development Leader Seller Experience, Olivia Kurniawati, the talk session was completed with her words over How to Grow Your Business through Product Marketing. She gave a lot of hit-the-mark messages needed by a brand to develop, as marketing is the main point for a brand to grow. Moreover, considering that Tokopedia is one of the largest e-commerce in Indonesia, the attendants could get a lot of new knowledge and reminders from her words.


Next up, another event held at Pop Up Soiree is a fashion show created specially to showcase local brands’ looks from tenants that will participate in the Pop Up Market 2018, ranging from clothes to accessories, with a special appearance from Mantra Vutura.


The time has hit almost 9 o’clock at night when all series of events at Pop Up Soiree has finally reached it’s final, and it’s time for the ‘after party’ and gathering time for all of the attendants of the show, accompanied by dinner offered by the organizers.

Words by: Deborah