The crowds cheered,
when Svmmerdose appeared.

Formed in 2017, Tarapti Ikhtiar Rinrin (Rinrin) as vocalist and Iqbaal Ramadhan (Iqbaal) as bassist never fail to satisfy their fans with their own kind of genre, R&B Experimental.

Taking place at The Pallas, SCBD, Don’t Fall In Love With Me Tour 2020 in Jakarta was beyond words! By witnessing that the Jakarta tour has been held and ended successfully, this signifies that they have officially started their first-ever tour that will also be held in other cities, such as Malang, Surabaya, Jogja, Semarang, and Bandung.

Even though the name of the tour itself is called “Don’t Fall In Love With Me”,  we can all agree that the name does not describe how the crowds felt that night. You know it’s the complete opposite, given that the crowds must’ve fallen in love with them even more after their tour ended. It was not merely the crowds that were amazed by it, this two-person indie band claimed to feel speechless by the crowds, as they kept singing along with them. But anyway, did you know that the name of the tour was originated from one of their songs, Crush? Yes, it was actually taken from the chorus which repetitively says “Don’t Fall In Love With Me”, as a form of self-love and the dynamics, as well as the variety of feelings and experiences that we may have felt as an adolescent.

Having some deep meanings behind the song lyrics is probably one of the main reasons why people really dig their music. The lyrics were written wholeheartedly, reflecting the lives and problems that are generally faced by the youth of today. From love stories to daily lives obstacles, the listeners feel connected through the sung lyrics. For instance, the song “Independent” illustrates how we should be independent as a human, to learn how to stand on our own. While the song “I H8 U” describes how a person tries to move on from the past ones.

Performed a total of 12 songs from both their album, “She/Her/Hers”, and their singles, they managed to perform faultlessly for every single song. Even though this is their tour, they did not only do their performances by themselves. From Teza Sumendra, Baila Fauri, till Bam Mastro, Svmmerdose wanted to make sure that they did not miss this opportunity to collaborate with some of Indonesia’s most gifted singers.

As the Jakarta tour came to an end, the band showed their gratitude to the fans who were there to support and lighten up their very first tour.

Words by: Nat Padma