When it comes to holidays, probably everyone just wants to chill whether at their home, car or wherever they stay for vacation. If you don’t know what songs that will turn up holiday vibe, maybe these Indonesian indie songs could help you:


Wreck This Journal (Coldiac)

Selatan (Pijar)

A Graceful Retreat (Reality Club)

Lari 100 (The Sastro)

Perennial (Bedchamber)

Terdampar (Sajama Cut)

Akhir Pekan (Pijar)

City Hunter (ikkubaru)

Paradox (Dried Cassava)

Pulang, Kembali (L’Alphalpha)

Milennials (Janitra Satriani)

Tell The World (Glaskaca)


This playlist features a song by Reality Club, where the vocalist is a well-known YouTuber, Fathia Izzati, or also known as “kittendust”. What makes this particular indie band interesting is because of their simple and catchy songs that make anyone who listens to it could move along to the song. When you listen to their songs, you will feel like that you’re going inside an amusement park because of the optimistic vibe. Faiz, the other vocalist, said that most of their songs have optimistic tunes in the hope of their listeners could see at the world in an optimistic way because the reality is not always a “dark place”.


Faiz also said that their music is influenced by Last Dinosaurs, Arctic Monkeys, and The Strokes. Each band has a different kind of influence on Reality Club’s music. Also, each Reality Club member has different music tastes. Despite there are differences, that is what makes this band’s music unique and easy-listening, or as Faiz said, “less is more”. Most of their songs are inspired by daily life observations, either of themselves or their surroundings.


For more unique songs, you could just click the link below and surely it will lighten up your mood anytime.

Words by: Antonia W
Header Image credited to: Tumblr