It is 3MONGKIS, another jewel to the local fashion industry!

Making its North Jakarta area debut, 3MONGKIS recently opened its new outlet in Mall Kelapa Gading III on November 22, 2018. Its grand opening was a complete hit. The shop was luminous, its logo hanging brightly on the left wall of the shop. 3MONGKIS had successfully gained attention by its minimalist decoration. Delicious desserts were given to the store visitors. Besides giving out their “Buy 3 Get 4” promo, they finally showcased two limited edition clothes that portray their signature icon! Stars such as Nia Ramadani and many more had such a blast shopping around the outlet.

Hetty Awi – the owner of 3MONGKIS – started her outlet debut in a small shop at ITC Mangga Dua, in late 2016. Making its digital market entry, 3MONGKIS later then developed their own website to expand their market. Despite experiencing struggle economically, 3MONGKIS proved everyone that effort makes everything count. 3MONGKIS is now one of the most growing local retail fashion store in Indonesia.

Perhaps what made 3MONGKIS different is that it is driven with passion. Hetty Awi said that she actually started the business 5 years back. She had such a thing for fashion. She decided to create the brand, despite having no background in fashion industry. She then created a designing team for her clothes, with her being the decision maker of the design. Looking at the clothes’ design made it clear that she wants to introduce her clothes to a wide range of age, starting from college or university students to office workers

What really made 3MONGKIS stands out from other retail store is their lovely color palette for their clothes. The color they chose comes in bright-yet-nude set that matches the taste of millennials nowadays. The price ranges are from low to medium, so it’s a total go-buy for us! Trendy color palette combined with exquisite design in addition to a fairly cheap price? Who can resist! Another distinct point is that if you visit, you will notice that “Accessories” is on their menu section! You bet! They sell sunglasses, rings even pleated bags! What can get anymore better? From the website you can register an account and voila! You can add to cart and buy the items online!

Briefly, 3MONGKIS’ new store opens up new hopes and dreams for the whole team. Gaining international attention has always been every local retail store’s dream and it goes the same for 3MONGKIS. Whilst witnessing the growth of economy, 3MONGKIS rises to the top becoming a crucial game player to the retail store industry and someday will finally make their dream come true.

Words By: Charissa Andriani