Heiday is yet another business creation by our own, focusing on healthy dessert. They used a different ingredient than usual pannacotta so that it will be much healthier. They did a booth a couple days ago in Universitas Prasetiya Mulya’s plaza so you might have seen them before.

I was intrigued by the idea, that is why I approach the team to get an interview, so we can all get in depth about the business. About inspiration,  Deo Savero Paramahita, the CEO himself stated that they got the idea because they saw dessert as a lifestyle for Indonesian, but many Indonesian refrains from eating it. The reason is because of the high sugar level, fattening, and also unhealthy, all at the same time. Therefore Heiday was created as a solution for this concern, with low fat and low sugar so all dessert lover can enjoy desserts.

What differs Heiday from other desserts, you may ask? Deo said that basically, it is a pannacotta, but instead of using milk and cream, Heiday is made with yogurt. That way, it will have less fat and less sugar, thus making it a good choice if you are going on a diet. Even though Heiday replaced milk and cream as main ingredients with yogurt, it is not really a pannacotta, but quite similar. They thought about this themselves, creating a new recipe while maintaining the taste.

As a solution for dessert lovers who refrain from consuming sugar and fatty dessert, Heiday also wanted to embrace other dessert lovers who unfortunately are not able to consume anything dairy. The reason is to give people who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk a chance to taste pannacotta. Deo simply said, “We are still developing this product.”

In Entrepreneur Day 2017, Heiday was one of the finalists and had the opportunity to showcase their product. “It was exciting,” said Deo. “The others also launched very promising businesses, but we always give our best.”

We thank Heiday for the opportunity of interviewing a wonderful team. Kindly follow their Instagram @heiday.id and Line @cku1554m !

“Make your day more colorful and joyful with Heiday! We won’t ruin your daily calories intake #sayhitoyourday “


Words By: Janniece Stephannie

All Images are Credited to: @heiday.id (Instagram)