People are no longer continuously living in despair, but are instead viewing this pandemic as a chance to do something that they would have never done before. Due to ‘Work from Home’ conditions, there has recently been an influx of small start-up businesses that have made their way into the competition. Majority of these businesses start through online platforms such as social media (Instagram, Twitter, Line) and shopping applications (Tokopedia, Shopee). These small start-up businesses range from selling Food & Beverages and even Fashion. Such start-up owners are the true definition of “when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade”. To be able to make a disheartening situation and turn it in your favour. To get more insight behind the determination and spirit of these start-up businesses, we had the opportunity to interview two inspiring start-up owners.

Our first entrepreneur is Caroline Judistira who started Dunfuzzle (@dunfuzzle) – an online store that specializes in selling fashion items. She offers a range of different accessories to choose from such as necklaces, rings, etc. Prior to starting Dunfuzzle, she also had an online store that sells thrift clothing items but was discontinued. In both occasions, her interest in fashion has led her to sell trendy clothes and accessories online for people to buy.

The second up and coming entrepreneur is Angeline Lie who started a business named Eatsynbitsy (@eatsynbitsy) – A brand that specializes in making homemade desserts. Angeline herself said the inspiration and thinking behind the name “Eatsynbitsy” was from the nursery rhyme “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, which is a very popular and well known rhyme, especially with children. The catchy and unique brand name attracts the people’s attention and personifies Eatsynbitsy as fun, colourful, and evokes happiness to their customers.

We first investigated the reason as to why both Caroline and Angeline decided to start Dunfuzzle and Eatsynbitsy respectively. Both interviewees seemed to agree on the fact that boredom and curiosity in this pandemic fuel their energy to do something different. Both entrepreneurs based their business around the things they love doing, which involves fashion and accessories, and desserts for Caroline and Angeline respectively. Without much experience, both entrepreneurs seemed to start off their business with minimum planning. The two seemed to act based on one of Nike’s famous slogan: Just Do It. Interestingly, both seemed to have the same mindset and way of thinking regarding a change in the behaviour of customers, which suggests that people are more prone to do online shopping rather than going to malls or shopping centers. This fact tilts the table to their favours, as they have the advantage in the way they operate their businesses. We were also curious and decided to ask the two entrepreneurs about what makes Dunfuzzle and Eatsynbitsy stand-out from their competitors, despite the challenging and tough condition, in the form of the pandemic. Caroline mentioned that what makes Dunfuzzle shine is her skills to persuade and reach her target market. She specifically mentioned her brand image, photo catalog, contents, and promotional strategies are what allows her business to succeed. With Angeline and Eatsynbitsy, she differentiates her desserts with the type of ingredients, more specifically through her rum and whiskey usage. For those who do not like alcohol, she could easily make the same quality of dessert without a touch of rum and whiskey. The ingredients she used are also considered to be premium as all of them are imported, which ensures a high-quality dessert. In the long run, Caroline is very confident in Dunfuzzle. She believes that she could grow her business into something huge, and become one of people’s first choice when it comes to accessories. Angeline also believed that Eatsynbitsy will have what it takes to be a success despite the tough competition. She would like to take things one step at a time when it comes to growing her business.

As a whole, the experience and insight that we have learned from both Caroline and Angeline was very encouraging, especially for entrepreneurs. We can see that it is indeed possible to make a living out of something that you love, and to create an opportunity to leap forward.

To be scared of taking risks is normal. But this “fear” is what makes us cautious and prepared as to what life must offer us in the future. This pandemic acts not as a setback, but an opportunity to go forward, to do things that you have never done before, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and become a better version of yourself.

Written by: Mikhail Reinhard Burman and Aisyah Daniswari