Have you ever heard of a fully-recyclable mineral water packaging? Well our dearest country has finally introduced a whole new level of plastic water bottle: 100% Recyclable Plastic Bottle. Go green is the new trend!

One of Danone’s top brand is actually the most famous mineral water brand in Indonesia as it’s the first one established. Even though it was not really accepted in the past, bottled water has been a thing since the newer generation prefers simpler ways–rather than bringing their own bottles–yet so fashionable in other ways. That simple lifestyle actually costs much too for our earth as plastic is known not to be environment-friendly. This way, Danone Indonesia’s concern is channeled to their innovation, the 100% Recyclable Plastic Bottle, alongside with the campaign #BIJAKBERPLASTIK.

This campaign started with Circularity Tour on 18 and 19th of December 2018, in which the company intended to introduce the importance of managing plastic waste in Indonesia. In this tour, participants were brought to Smart Drop Box (SDB) and Bank Sampah at Kota Kasablanka, Recycle Business Unit (RBU) at Tangerang and also the factory at Babakan Pari and Legos. SDB and Bank Sampah are the main storages where the plastic bottles were collected, whereas RBU is the recycling point of plastic bottles collected from Jakarta, Pulau Seribu, Bekasi and Bogor. In fact, there are 12 thousand tons of plastic bottles that are crushed in order to be recycled; approximately 90 percent of the total amount plastic bottles collected per year. This massive number of plastic waste prompted Danone to implement 3R–Recycle, Reuse, Reduce–to their recently released product.

The innovation is primarily focused on how to reduce plastic usage and waste. In fact, there are more than 8 million metric tons of plastic waste ending up at sea every year (based on Ocean Conservancy Research 2015). Also, the campaign encourages us to contribute on government’s mission, which is 70% less plastic waste on Indonesia’s oceans by 2025. It is reflected on the packaging; minimalistic mineral water bottle without plastic label or extra decoration–keeping the design clean and sleek, perfected with recyclable plastic lid. 100 percent rPET (recyclable polyethylene), the new packaging can be recycled, reused, and reduced. With this innovation, Danone has stepped up the game to decrease Indonesia’s rate of plastic waste and carbon dioxide emission gradually.

Even though the new side was firstly released in Bali, Corine Tap, the President Director, said that it has been distributed to few selected restaurants, hotels, cafes, and supermarkets since February 2019. Also, she encourages us, Indonesians, to collaborate in order to save the ocean. In the future, Danone will also maximize their effort to improve the brand and educate the nation through campaigns. Without further ado, let’s join the campaign #BIJAKBERPLASTIK and save our lands and oceans!

Words by: Florence Ivanny Victoria