Social distancing is by far believed as the most effective way to “flatten the curve” during the corona pandemic. It’s better for you and the people around you to stay at home, and only go out if it’s a matter of urgency. But of course, it would be better if you’re accompanied by some movies that would keep you from going out. Here are 3 terminal romance movies recommended for you to watch during your self-quarantine.

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars has earned quite a reputation among adolescents. Released back in 2014, this movie too is based on a bestselling novel of the famed author John Green, though the book was published earlier in 2012. What exactly makes this film stand out among other teenage romantic dramas is the movie’s unique, sincere and heartfelt plot which leaves all of its audiences in awe. Without further ado, let us dive right into it.

It starts off with a seventeen-year-old Hazel Grace Lancaster living in Indianapolis, who suffers from terminal lung cancer and as a consequence, brings along an oxygen tank along with her wherever she goes. As per her mother’s request, Hazel attends a cancer support group at a church with the hopes of her being able to socialize and make friends. And that was how she came across Augustus Waters, a charming eighteen-year-old boy who lost his leg to cancer but has since been cancer-free. After a short conversation, Gus invites Hazel over to his house, where they both bonded, shared each other’s hobbies and recommended to read each other’s favorite book. When Hazel introduced her favorite novel to Gus, she told him that it’s a dream of hers to be able to have a conversation with the author of the book, Peter Van Houten, who lives in Amsterdam.

As time goes by, the two grew closer and fell in love. Later, Gus tells Hazel that he has successfully traced Van Houten’s assistant, Lidewij, and has gotten a response from the message Gus wrote to Van Houten. Ecstatic, Hazel too writes her own e-mail back to Van Houten and to her surprise, she gets her own response in the next few days and even an invitation to visit him in Amsterdam. After a few scenes, the two is set to travel to Amsterdam with Hazel’s mother, Frannie, and that is where Hazel will eventually learn and find out that things are not like they seem to be. Hence, I will leave it here for you to watch and find out what happens next as it is not my obligation to spoil the movie. Okay?

Now is Good

“An emotional rollercoaster”
“A masterpiece”
“Artistic, Tasteful, and Honest”

Three of the many heart-warming and positive comments given by society towards the movie Now is Good. This “rollercoaster of a ride” movie came out in 2012, and was originally based and is an adaptation of a novel, Before I Die by Jenny Downham in 2007. The novel received the nomination of “Guardian’s Children’s Fiction Prize” and impacted society due to the story and the unexpected, emotional twists it brings. Now is Good tells a story about a teenage girl named Tessa, who is suffering from terminal acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and aims to do things that she would like to do before she passes away.

Tessa created a bucket list of things that she would like to do, both positive and negative activities. You could tell that Tessa did not care about her actions as she has very little time left to spend. She lives with her younger brother and her father, who although cares very much of her, she never seems to listen to what he is conveying, even if it is for her own safety.

One day, Tessa met his neighbour named Adam. When this scene occurs, this is the very first time that we as the audience could sense that she is happy, and not seemed very pessimistic or rebellious. Tessa and Adam started to hangout more and eventually got close. With enthusiasm, Tessa decided to introduce Adam to her father. However, knowing the circumstances, her father disagrees and actually confronts Adam, and quotes “And you, my young friend, you’re simply not up to the task”. The quote obviously refers that Tessa’s father does not believe, (or doesn’t want to) that Adam is the solution for Tessa. He always believes that himself and Cal (Tessa’s brother) is enough to keep Tessa happy.

Tessa continued to rebel, and eventually her father slowly cave in into accepting Adam. The following scene contains a major plot twist and an exciting tide towards the story. Make sure you watch the movie to know what it is. All I can say is that this is the part where our hearts will feel warm, and we will learn just how unfair and unjust the world is.

Overall, the movie explains the story of the needs and wants of a person who is suffering from a terminal illness. Although we as human beings tend to always be caring and protective of those who are ill or sick, it may not necessarily be the case for the affected party. Obviously, we treat people differently, especially someone who suffers. However, in this movie, Tessa shows that she doesn’t want to be special, or to be treated like one. That is why her relationship with Adam is so much better and healthy in comparison to her father, who seemed very overprotective. Therefore, it is important that we understand how people want to be treated, as it may seem like we are doing what’s right, but not the best for the person.

All The Bright Places

Netflix sure does know how to produce its own original movies. Based on the bestselling novel by Jennifer Niven, All The Bright Places tells us a story about Finch – a carefree guy – labelled as a freak by the kids at school and a beautiful girl named Violet. Despite the fact that the two sound like oil and water, they do have one thing in common. That is both struggles with the wounds of the past.

Violet is still grieving over her sister’s death caused by a car accident. She doesn’t hang out much like she used to. You can tell that her gaze denotes her emptiness, which drives one away from life.

One day, Finch finds Violet on the bridge, standing on the ledge. In his mind, he knows what’s Violet about to do, and that’s how a brief meeting saves her. Ever since that day, Finch’s interest in Violet grows even more. Their story begins when their Geography teacher asks them to make an assignment, capturing two or more wonders of Indiana, consisting of a team of two. Finch sees this as a decent chance for him to become more acquainted with her. That’s why he asks her to be his partner. From the highest point in the state, until a shoe-covered tree, together, they wander some of the most random sites in Indiana. Neither special nor famous, but that’s what Finch teaches Violet. It is to see the beauty in the most unexpected places.

Violet becomes more and more comfortable when she’s around Finch. Slowly, she starts opening up herself more, like how she used to be – the old Violet – or even the better version of her. Never a dull moment when she’s with him. However, if you think that this is how the movie ends, you’re wrong. As Violet rises to the surface, Finch begins to sink. Traumatized by the past abuse during his childhood, every so often, he would get into these dark moods and feels that he does not have control over himself.

Remember when I mentioned that Finch saves Violet? Even though he obviates her from taking her life, does Violet manage to do the same thing for him?

Released on 28th February 2020, this movie receives tons of great reviews online. However, plenty of people express their disappointment regarding the trailer that was given does not match with the vibes from either the book or the movie. But if you look at the bright side, people also assume that it could be a way for Netflix to not “spoil” the movie. Therefore, fair warning for those that want to watch. It could be quite triggering for some of you, considering this romance/drama movie deals with some serious topics, such as depression and mental illness, because it could be hard to watch for some of you.

Oh, there’s one thing that you should keep in mind:
“Just because you’re smiling, does not mean that you’re okay. Because sometimes, the person that you need, needs you more than you do.”

Words by: Devin, Mika, & Nat
Credits: IMDB, Pinterest, HollywoodReport, RottenTomatoes, Google