2017 has been a year full of new surprises. To add up, here’s this year’s lineup of upcoming technologies you don’t want to miss:



Samsung Galaxy S8

Image is Credited to us.news

Samsung has continued to strive thanks to its latest release, Samsung Galaxy. This year, Samsung is planning to launch the new Samsung Galaxy S8 with more enticing design and specs. Since it’s announcement scheduled on the 29th of March, there has been a lot of leaks. It was rumored that the phone would remove its significant home button, enabling the design to have a much higher screen-to-body ratio. S8 is also going to be accompanied by the powerful 10nm chips, allowing more power and better efficiency than the previous one (up to 27% improved performance with up to 40% lower power consumption). The chips are also capable of 1Gbps download speeds due to their built-in models which mean it could download a full 4K movie (approx. 1000GB) in just over 13 minutes. On top of that, it was rumored that there would be features like the Iris Scanner,  USB-C Charging, and Waterproofed Technology.

The S8 series will be launched in 2 types- Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ both with Edge technology and only vary in size with the S8+ being a larger version of Samsung Galaxy S8. It is rumored that there are going to be in 3 colors: black, silver, and a new variant- violet.

Although there might be some changes, it is predicted that Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ would be sold with a price of €799 and €899 each.

With its specs and design leak, lots of experts are saying that the S8 series is an iPhone killer. To heat things up, it is also rumored that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is launching soon this year compensating for the previous Galaxy Note 7’s infamous incident.




Harman Kardon + Cortana

Image is Credited to Winphone.com

Similar to Amazon’s Echo, Microsoft has announced the arrival of its new smart speaker. The smart speaker will feature Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant, Cortana, and will form a collaboration with Harman Kardon.

Body-design wise it resembles Amazon Echo’s smart speaker. However, it includes a light display on top of it that marks the Cortana feature in it.

With Microsoft’s plan to launch the speaker this year, it has yet marked another one of Microsoft’s ambition to create a fully equipped smart house.




Panasonic Lumix GH5

Image is Credited to cnet.com

The wait for this beauty has come to an end as Panasonic announced that its newest camera, Lumix GH5 would be released this year. With the special features it offers, Panasonic Lumix GH offers courtesy to videographers and cinematographers around the world as it tends to cater their needs.

In taking still photographs, GH5 is introduced with new sensors that have better image processing.  Panasonic also has upgraded their built-in stabilization having its DFD focusing delivered in a high hit rate even to moving subjects at the speed of 9fps. As with the trend of continuous autofocus, this camera has a quick single autofocus ability that continues to work even in very low light levels. For its photo mode, this camera comprises a 4K photo mode with the double frame rate at 6K resolution with the ability to grab stills from video improving from 8 megapixels to 18 megapixels. It also comes with a higher resolution viewfinder, more detailed screen, dual SD slot, and a 5GHz Wifi and Bluetooth features.

Panasonic cameras have continued to excel in the video department. The newest Panasonic Lumix GH5 is now able to shoot a 4K video at 60P with no crop field of view and no recording limit, enabling users to shoot 2 hours uninterrupted 4K/50 clip on a single charge. Not only that but it can also shoot 10 bit/ 4:2:2 internally at 30P with built-in stabilization, new vectorscope, waveform views, and an optimal compact XLR mic adaptor.

Overall, the Lumix GH5 stands as a great camera but there are also some trade-offs as the shots are cleaner in 6400 ISO or higher, and the autofocus feature might slow down in 4K or 6K mode rather than the normal one. On top of that, this camera has no support for USB Charging. But despite all that, a lot of reviews has said that the trade-offs aren’t strong enough for a deal breaker.


Words By: Clara Rahardja