The world doesn’t sit around and wait for you to be comfortable in your little safe space. It demands you to move and finish various quests each day. The Japanese believe that every day holds room for improvement. This is also known as the ‘Kaizen Principle.’ Implementing this principle helps to create a more efficient and effective atmosphere which results in better work quality. Pace Coffee is a brand that upholds the Kaizen Principle through its physical presence and work ethic.
Set like a coffee stop in the heart of Santa Modern Market, Pace Coffee’s hideout is designed to conform to the principle. The five masterminds behind this have a mission to increase Indonesians’ pace like those of the Japanese. In a recent interview conducted by us, one of the founders, Jason Vallen Soejono stated that Pace Coffee focused solely on the grab-and-go concept, and could contribute to efficiency and productivity amongst Indonesians. Striking out dine-in also goes well with the culture in Santa Modern Market where people usually come to thrift and not to lounge or work in the midst of the crowd. People can make a quick visit to buy coffee and continue to stroll around Santa Modern Market.
The drinks options are kept direct. Aside from selling americano, Pace Coffee’s specialty is its own honey coffee. As written in its name, honey coffee is a coffee mixed with honey. While it seems to be an unlikely combination, Jason stated that honey actually contains caffeine which in turn affects one’s productivity level. Meanwhile, the coffee beans are originated from West Java. This is a way for Pace Coffee to show that these are local products that uphold Japanese principles.
Another implementation of the Kaizen Principle is through the customizable and personalized caffeine levels. Pace Coffee classified the levels into four categories in sequence: jazz for soft, pop for soft medium, rock for hard medium, and metal for hard. According to Jason, since pace and tempo go hand in hand, it would be catchy to use the music genre to describe the caffeine levels. In brief, the tempo is proportional to the amount of caffeine the coffee contains. Fast tempo is equal to high caffeine levels. Thus, jazz has the lowest caffeine level while metal has the highest. In the future, Pace Coffee plans to create a playlist based on each level. Later on, the playlist will be printed in each cup according to the levels.
Although designed as a quick caffeine charge, enjoying a cup of honey coffee while strolling through the thrift shops at Santa Modern Market sounds like a pleasurable experience. Not to worry, Pace Coffee is available in GrabFood and GoFood for those who live around the South Jakarta area and BSD.


Pasar Santa, Lantai 1 Blok Aloi AKS 109, Jl. Cipaku 1 No. 121, RT5/RW4, Petogongan, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours 

Monday: Closed

Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: 15.00-19.00

Wednesday and Thursday: 15.00-20.00




Words by: Aldhanti Bodhihanna