R.M. Williams once quoted, ‘Truth is the easiest thing in the world to lose, and the hardest thing in the world to get back.”

Instagram has undoubtedly become one of the most popular social media platforms for teens and young adults. It is beyond doubt that as the number of followers on your account increases, the number of likes will also increase, and there will be higher engagement rates as well. But on the other hand, one of the downsides of having many followers is that it becomes harder for you to find your close ones’ accounts.

Indonesia has been rocked several times by reports of several Indonesian artists involving the application launched by Kevin Systrom. From Larissa Chou, Prilly Latuconsina to Zara Adhistry, all of them once uploaded their personal stories through their close friends list on Instagram. But unfortunately, their stories leaked and became the talk of the town. Now, the thing that caught my attention was not the stories that they uploaded. Instead, I was more interested in discussing the fact that their supposedly trustworthy friends were the ones who leaked their stories to the media. And that leads to our discussion today. Trust. 

At times, there are no clear boundaries between followers and friends. Thus, back in 2018, Instagram launched the close friends feature. As an Instagram user myself, I think the purpose of this feature is pretty self-explanatory since the name pretty much defines what it is for. But for those who don’t know, the feature gives us the ability to post with more privacy and engage with smaller groups of people. 

Now, there’s a fine line between closeness and trust. In reality, there is so much more than just being close with that person that added you to the close friends list. Unlike your regular story, which is visible to anyone, the close friends feature was created to list only certain people who can see the stories that we upload. Because occasionally, what we share through our close friends list are personal things. So, if your friends judge you as someone that is close to them and can keep things under wraps, then you will most likely be added to the list.

But what has become the issue in our society lately is breaking that circle of trust. Trust is the true foundation of a friendship. Without trust, there is no authenticity to the friendship. If you’re wondering why it’s because trusting someone else puts you in a vulnerable position. You open up, share you secrets, and feel safe about it. You have to wholeheartedly trust that they won’t hurt you. Because when someone gives you their trust, it means that they are safe with you. Therefore in friendship, or even in any relationship, breaking the trust of one person can destroy everything you have built together. 

It takes time to build trust and bare seconds only to destroy it. There’s no assurance that there won’t be any disappointment when we open up to someone, and that can be an eerie thing. Though it can be nerve-racking to open up, when you do and when you fully embrace the trust between you and someone else, that’s when a true friendship blossoms. So when someone gives you their trust, don’t let them down. 

Words by: Nat Padma
Header cred: Pinterest
Sources: Smart Friendship, Panion