While watching the Spring Summer 2021 runway shows of various fashion designers, I can’t help but think, “Have these designers been spending too much time rummaging through their old clothes or what?” With all the hardships that our world is currently facing, people tend to seek comfort in familiarity in many aspects of their lives and fashion is no exception. In the year 2021, it seems that fashion has cycled back to the 1990s, with iconic 1990s fashion items spotted regularly on top models’ fashion ensembles.

Trend Comebacks

As the saying goes: History tends to repeat itself. The same applies for fashion. Fashion is a form of art, expressing the designer’s identity and life experiences in every creation, thus not being inspired by the past is virtually impossible. As fashion consumers, we are also unconsciously influenced by the older generations in terms of what we perceive as aesthetically pleasing. Despite the nature of humans to seek order and predictability in life, it is the little twists and turns that keep our lives interesting.  This is where creativity plays the role in serving fresh looks that we eagerly wait for in every season, where designers revive signature pieces of each fashion house with new interpretations and approaches. 

What’s Trending?

Manifesting the 1990s look is all about minimalism and simplicity. Iconic pieces that are coming back in 2021 are the ones which accentuate slenderness and straight silhouettes but still keeping the mood relaxed, such as cardigans and loose-fitting co-ord sets.

This Spring 2021, besides the classic neutrals, fashion houses like Versace and Max Mara seem to be fawning over pastel hues. The trend of pastels is not something completely new. A shade from the pastel palette, the Millennial Pink or better known as Rose Quartz, popped off back in 2016, when Pantone crowned it colour of the year. Leatrice Eisemean, executive director of Pantone Color Institute, states that the phenomena happening in our world affect colour trends, which would first emerge in the art world and then the fashion industry would typically follow. Now the pastels are back in the ever-calming shades of lilac, baby blue, sage green and soft yellow. “At the moment when there’s so much uncertainty in the world, we’re looking for comfort and security and pastel colours do that,” says Carolyn Mair, PhD, fashion psychologist.

 Wardrobe Inspirations

Courtesy of Nylon (Getty Images) and Megan Fox



Always dressed to impress, Rihanna was seen donning a matching baby blue set complemented by a vintage Chanel coat from 1996-1997 runway. Contrastingly, for an off-duty style, Megan Fox opted for straight cut jeans with cream top and cardigan to create the effortless street-style look.


For the time being, the return of 1990’s iconic fashion elements is celebrated and people enjoy riding the throwback bandwagon. But as we all know, seasons come and go and new trends will replace older ones. Who knows where the upcoming fashion current will take us? Perhaps the disco era? We shall see.


Source: whowhatwear, fastcompany
Picture cred: Vogue
Words by: Giannina Tan