After the stunning work of Frank Ocean’s second album; “Channel Orange” 3 years ago. Finally he just announced his one of the much-anticipated third album (with his new released magazine) from his website and Tumblr.


He gave hints on the caption: “‘I got two versions. I got twoooo versions.’  #ISSUE1 #ALBUM3 #JULY2015 #BOYSDONTCRY.”

Looking from the picture that has been posted by Frank, we believe that the third album will be called as the Boys Don’t Cry including the other “version” which is his first magazine issue that will be launch on July 2015 as stated.

Through the tittle: “Boys Don’t Cry” we can assume how the song will include his philosophical views and personal matters that attached through the lyrics such as his famous songs in ‘Channel Orange’ and ‘Nostalgia, Ultra’ albums.

Let’s listen to the live version of “Thinking Bout You” with John Mayer on the guitars :

Writen by Rahardian Herdanto